The Family History of Katherine Anne Sandison

Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Craik, Ann  1 Oct 1812Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I195367 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Craik, Margaret  2 Aug 1825Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181720 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Gatt, Barbara Ann  6 Aug 1874Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181177 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Gatt, Jane  5 Apr 1876Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187793 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Hepburn, Ann  1821Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I146785 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Hepburn, Barbara  1893Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I185169 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Hepburn, Christina  1883Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I160293 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Hepburn, Jane  27 Nov 1885Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I178046 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 Hepburn, Jessie Lovie  2 Sep 1891Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I189191 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 Hepburn, Sherriffs  21 May 1858Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I160294 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 Hepburn, Sherriffs  1880Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I160079 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Nicol, James  15 Feb 1821Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181722 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Nicol, Margaret  3 Oct 1846Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181721 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 Nicol, Margaret  6 Apr 1859Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I146755 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 Nicol, Mary  14 Dec 1829Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I168807 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 Nicol, William  26 Jul 1855Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I205030 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
17 Nicol, William George  4 Aug 1896Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I205031 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
18 Sales, George Hepburn  13 Jul 1883Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I160869 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
19 Sales, Margaret Ann  4 Dec 1879Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176294 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
20 Sales, Rebecca  9 Jul 1874Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181210 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
21 Sales, Sarah  1888Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I146753 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
22 Simpson, Alexander  25 Jun 1865Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I188590 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
23 Tocher, Agnes Ann  1846Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I146781 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
24 Watt, Alexander  21 Mar 1879Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176219 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
25 Watt, David  18 Aug 1857Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176284 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
26 Watt, Elizabeth  22 Feb 1721Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176239 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
27 Watt, Gilbert  14 Jun 1720Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176237 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
28 Watt, Gilbert  6 Jun 1869Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187797 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
29 Watt, Helen  1851Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181192 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
30 Watt, Helen  7 Aug 1863Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181710 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
31 Watt, Helen Wiseman  1903Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187798 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
32 Watt, James  3 Aug 1855Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181704 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
33 Watt, James  1876Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187788 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
34 Watt, James  1900Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I207306 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
35 Watt, John  17 Aug 1752Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176236 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
36 Watt, John  31 Jan 1880Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I172986 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
37 Watt, Maggie Jessie  23 Aug 1890Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I184102 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
38 Watt, Mary  11 Jul 1888Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181718 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
39 Watt, Mary Downie  15 Sep 1897Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I206705 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
40 Watt, William  8 Jun 1865Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I189402 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
41 Wiseman, Alexander  26 Jul 1867Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I171350 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
42 Wiseman, Alexander  14 Apr 1894Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I161639 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
43 Wiseman, Ann  16 Sep 1816Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176267 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
44 Wiseman, Barbara  20 Jan 1783Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187809 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
45 Wiseman, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1861Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I182407 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
46 Wiseman, George  28 Jul 1873Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181136 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
47 Wiseman, Helen Reid  1893Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I173235 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
48 Wiseman, James  29 Oct 1811Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187776 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
49 Wiseman, James  5 Oct 1827Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187813 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
50 Wiseman, John  1811Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I160075 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Craik, Ann  18 Oct 1812Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I195367 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Nicol, James  23 Feb 1821Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181722 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Wiseman, Ann  20 Sep 1816Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176267 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Wiseman, James  6 Nov 1811Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187776 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Margaret  1 Feb 1892Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176242 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Craik, Margaret  22 May 1900Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181720 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Craik, Samuel  20 Jan 1837Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181719 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Gatt, Agnes  12 Dec 1898Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I160076 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Gatt, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1892Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I146757 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Geddes, Jean  19 Mar 1901Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181196 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Johnston, Ann  23 May 1861Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I146759 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Nicol, James  13 Jul 1877Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181724 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 Nicol, James  17 Dec 1881Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181722 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 Nicol, Mary  19 Mar 1901Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I168807 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 Tocher, James  12 Oct 1882Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I146784 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Watt, Alexander  10 Dec 1885Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181191 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Watt, Alexander  8 Dec 1889Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176234 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 Watt, Ann  13 Apr 1858Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I160078 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 Watt, David  28 Feb 1889Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176284 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 Watt, Elspeth Ann  14 Jul 1877Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176245 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
17 Watt, George  7 Oct 1922Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I195363 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
18 Watt, Gilbert  14 Apr 1866Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187807 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
19 Watt, Gilbert  29 Apr 1921Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187797 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
20 Watt, John  14 Jan 1853Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181190 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
21 Watt, Margaret  30 Oct 1888Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187808 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
22 West, Alexander  23 Oct 1874Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I183087 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
23 Wiseman, Ann  8 Jun 1871Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I181727 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
24 Wiseman, Elspet  25 Aug 1863Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I176271 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
25 Wiseman, James  26 Jan 1891Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187776 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
26 Wiseman, James  28 Apr 1905Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187813 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
27 Wiseman, John  17 Apr 1885Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I160075 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
28 Wiseman, Margaret  15 Nov 1868Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I146763 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
29 Wiseman, Margaret  27 Jan 1950Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I187814 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
30 Wiseman, William  20 Nov 1891Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland I146756 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Watt / Craik  15 Aug 1799Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F30899 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Anderson / Gatt  25 Nov 1809Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F28748 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Wiseman / Watt  1 Dec 1810Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F21074 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Watt / Watt  7 Sep 1811Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F28738 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Craik / Wiseman  14 Dec 1811Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F31176 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Watt / Wiseman  16 Jul 1812Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F33948 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Wiseman / Johnston  13 Mar 1819Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F14719 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 /   15 Oct 1836Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F33947 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 Wiseman / Watt  15 Oct 1836Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F33949 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 Wiseman / Gatt  5 May 1838Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F21073 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 Watt / Anderson  9 Jun 1838Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F28743 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Grant / Watt  3 Mar 1849Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F33951 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Wiseman / Gatt  8 Oct 1853Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F14718 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 Wiseman / Watt  9 Nov 1861Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F33931 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 Wiseman / Gatt  30 Nov 1861Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F33952 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 Sales / Tocher  15 Jul 1865Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F14729 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
17 Hepburn / Wilson  6 Oct 1877Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F21188 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
18 Wiseman / Reid  16 Sep 1887Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F21886 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
19 Watt / Watt  19 Sep 1890Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F34636 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
20 Watt / Watt  17 Dec 1897Gardenstown, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland F34547 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

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