The Family History of Katherine Anne Sandison

Gloup, North Yell, Shetland

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bain, Laurence  1 Jan 1777Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I158723 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Fordyce, Andrew  1726Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I146509 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Fordyce, Robert  1724Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I131406 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Henderson, David  Aft 1664Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154328 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 HENDERSON, David  18 May 1937Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I204230 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Henderson, Elizabeth  Aft 1640Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I131398 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Henderson, Jane Annie  29 Oct 1891Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I173977 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 HENDERSON, Jemima Jane  1 Feb 1940Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I204231 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 HENDERSON, Joan  18 Nov 1928Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I177618 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 Henderson, Johan Margaret  1 Dec 1896Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I155348 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 HENDERSON, John William  5 Sep 1935Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I204211 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 HENDERSON, Johnina Henry  14 Jun 1933Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I204210 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Henderson, Margaret  Bef 1740Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I155691 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 HENDERSON, Robert  2 Apr 1930Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I204208 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 Henderson, Robert Simpson  24 Oct 1888Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I173947 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 HENDERSON, Robert Simpson  9 Mar 1931Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I204209 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
17 Henderson, Robina Ann  30 Sep 1912Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I173976 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
18 Henderson, Robina Elizabeth  4 Jun 1894Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I189291 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
19 Henderson, William  Bef 1700Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154326 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
20 Henderson, William  Bef 1725Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154325 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
21 Henderson, William Barclay  28 Oct 1900Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I177617 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
22 Henderson, Williamina  5 Jan 1883Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I12664 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
23 Hoseason, John  14 Apr 1763Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I180606 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
24 Johnson, Nicol  1777Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154226 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
25 Johnson, Samuel  1807Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I156403 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
26 Leask, Jemima  27 Jul 1869Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I178514 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
27 Leask, John  1 Sep 1881Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170888 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
28 Moar, Agnes  1822Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I155380 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
29 Moar, Andrew  1800Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154224 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
30 Moar, Andrew  21 Oct 1825Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I156188 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
31 Moar, Barbara  1781Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I189684 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
32 Moar, Daniel Andrew  1806Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I183098 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
33 Moar, Elizabeth  9 Sep 1787Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170899 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
34 Moar, James  8 Sep 1870Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154580 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
35 Moar, John  1788Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I156190 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
36 Moar, John Andrew  4 Jul 1825Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I156410 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
37 Moar, John Murray  16 Apr 1815Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I173957 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
38 Moar, Margaret Ann  27 Sep 1833Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154583 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
39 Moar, Robina  1809Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I151709 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
40 Moar, Wilhelmina Campbell  5 Jan 1828Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154209 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
41 Murray, Mary  9 Jun 1791Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170515 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
42 Nisbet, Isabella  Mar 1783Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I195418 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
43 Phemister, Barbara  Bef 1756Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I151715 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
44 Robertson, George  28 Dec 1794Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I146841 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
45 Robertson, Henderson  1804Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I182198 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
46 Robertson, Robert John  25 Dec 1821Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I207500 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
47 Robertson, Williamina  7 Jul 1823Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I146840 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
48 Sinclair, Elizabeth Jane  27 Aug 1864Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170511 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
49 Sinclair, Johan  25 Feb 1869Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I189290 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
50 Sinclair, John Murray  16 Dec 1822Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170512 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoseason, John  29 Apr 1763Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I180606 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Georgesdaughter, Jean  Bef 1841Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I151713 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Henderson, Agnes  1 May 1904Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170891 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Henderson, Robert  19 May 1895Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I155370 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 HENDERSON, Robert  3 Apr 1930Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I204208 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Henderson, William Barclay  18 Jul 1977Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I177617 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Jamieson, Agnes  Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170901 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Johnson, Barbara  Aft 1875Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154225 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Johnson, Janet  Aft 1855Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I146844 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 Johnson, Nicol  Bef 1841Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154226 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 Leask, John  28 Mar 1930Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170890 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 Moar, Andrew  Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I151714 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Moar, Andrew  10 Jun 1884Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I154224 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Moar, George  25 Feb 1855Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I151712 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 Moar, Robert Alexander  Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170900 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 Moar, Robina  27 Apr 1876Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I151709 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 Moar, Ursula  Bef 1841Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170517 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
17 Murray, James  1845Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170516 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
18 Murray, Mary  16 Dec 1872Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170515 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
19 Robertson, Henderson  19 Jan 1865Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I182198 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
20 Robertson, Jane  7 Jan 1875Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I156405 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
21 Sinclair, Andrew  12 Jun 1858Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170514 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
22 Sinclair, Jane  22 Aug 1900Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I170513 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
23 Williamson, Johanna Henry  26 Apr 1921Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I55370 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
24 Winchester, Jane  14 Jul 1895Gloup, North Yell, Shetland I155371 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Fraser / Scollay  16 Dec 1858Gloup, North Yell, Shetland F25032 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Moar / Moar  10 Dec 1861Gloup, North Yell, Shetland F18115 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Williamson / OMAND  12 Mar 1868Gloup, North Yell, Shetland F40044 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Williamson / Leask  13 May 1875Gloup, North Yell, Shetland F19409 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Henderson / Williamson  29 Jan 1880Gloup, North Yell, Shetland F18553 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

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