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PLEASE NOTE: I am working on merging the Master tree with the Cunningham/Ritchie tree because there are connections between them from both the Cunningham and the Ritchie families which meant a lot of duplications. This explains why some of the entries have "delete" as their forename because they will be deleted when I have finished the task. - April 2014

West Derby, Lancashire, England

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Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 (Green), Ellen  1792West Derby, Lancashire, England I144165 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Andrews, Edgar James  Dec 1918West Derby, Lancashire, England I149181 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Atherton, Doris Mary  25 Nov 1889West Derby, Lancashire, England I136340 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Atherton, James Percival  24 Feb 1873West Derby, Lancashire, England I26319 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Atherton, Mary Louisa  Sep 1850West Derby, Lancashire, England I26312 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Bell, Ada Ellen Moncrieff  Sep 1862West Derby, Lancashire, England I26347 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Bell, Bessie Howe Carruthers  Dec 1863West Derby, Lancashire, England I26380 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Bell, David Andrew Carruthers  Sep 1875West Derby, Lancashire, England I143354 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 Bloxham, Fanny  Sep 1912West Derby, Lancashire, England I11851 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 Carter, Alice May  25 Apr 1911West Derby, Lancashire, England I2222 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 Daniel, Alice  1822West Derby, Lancashire, England I2234 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Evans, Mary Louisa  Aug 1878West Derby, Lancashire, England I19209 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Holburt, Florence Ermine  Mar 1905West Derby, Lancashire, England I16783 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 Holding, Thomas  1803West Derby, Lancashire, England I26270 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 Jenion, Roger  25 Dec 1829West Derby, Lancashire, England I144544 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 Jenion, Samuel Roger  Jan 1870West Derby, Lancashire, England I144543 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
17 Kessie, Helen Ann M  2 Oct 1902West Derby, Lancashire, England I16788 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
18 Leask, Arthur William  Jun 1863West Derby, Lancashire, England I134997 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
19 Leask, Jemima Sinclair  Jun 1861West Derby, Lancashire, England I134999 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
20 Mackay, Christina Fraser  Dec 1889West Derby, Lancashire, England I134877 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
21 Melville, Gertrude Mary  Nov 1870West Derby, Lancashire, England I143928 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
22 Pierpoint, Eugenie  1888West Derby, Lancashire, England I133032 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
23 Pierpoint, Ezekiel James  1884West Derby, Lancashire, England I133008 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
24 Pierpoint, Lilian Elizabeth  1887West Derby, Lancashire, England I133031 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
25 Redman, Ann Liversage  Dec 1875West Derby, Lancashire, England I144646 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
26 Redman, Catherine Ann  Jun 1856West Derby, Lancashire, England I144642 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
27 Rimmer, Robert George  1845West Derby, Lancashire, England I143367 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
28 Rimmer, Robert George  25 Nov 1877West Derby, Lancashire, England  I143366 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
29 Robinson, Joseph Lonsdale  Nov 1855West Derby, Lancashire, England I141545 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
30 Sandison, James Gilbert  1 May 1896West Derby, Lancashire, England I145815 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
31 Sandison, Sarah Ann  Mar 1860West Derby, Lancashire, England I145811 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
32 Sixsmith, Alfred  Sep 1853West Derby, Lancashire, England I132027 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
33 Sixsmith, Ann  1848West Derby, Lancashire, England I28130 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
34 Sixsmith, Elizabeth Ann  Sep 1857West Derby, Lancashire, England I8492 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
35 Sixsmith, George  26 Mar 1859West Derby, Lancashire, England I8493 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
36 Sixsmith, James  1845West Derby, Lancashire, England I28131 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
37 Sixsmith, John  1839West Derby, Lancashire, England I28129 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
38 Sixsmith, Mary Ellen  1842West Derby, Lancashire, England I28132 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
39 Sixsmith, Mary Ellen  Jan 1851West Derby, Lancashire, England I8489 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
40 Sixsmith, Mary Ellen  Sep 1856West Derby, Lancashire, England I8491 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
41 Sixsmith, Thomas  1825West Derby, Lancashire, England I8487 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
42 Smith, Wilhelmina  1880West Derby, Lancashire, England I6311 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
43 Toal, Catherine  19 Sep 1896West Derby, Lancashire, England I31077 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
44 Voce, Robert  1879West Derby, Lancashire, England I26181 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
45 Whitlow, Edward  1825West Derby, Lancashire, England I27441 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Jenion, Samuel Roger  9 Jan 1870West Derby, Lancashire, England I144543 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 (Beesley), Anne  Dec 1863West Derby, Lancashire, England I142592 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 (Guest), Elizabeth  Dec 1867West Derby, Lancashire, England I142774 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Allert, William  Mar 1891West Derby, Lancashire, England I8321 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Arcus, Sinclair  17 Mar 1875West Derby, Lancashire, England I386 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Atherton, Doris Mary  Dec 1890West Derby, Lancashire, England I136340 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Beesley, Harriet  Mar 1871West Derby, Lancashire, England I142593 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Beesley, John Percy Sixsmith  Jun 1877West Derby, Lancashire, England I143410 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Bromilow, Nancy  1897West Derby, Lancashire, England I26286 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 Cheetham, Frances Amelia  Dec 1921West Derby, Lancashire, England I2197 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 Chegwin, Margaret  Sep 1878West Derby, Lancashire, England I141801 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 Cubbon, Robert John  Mar 1925West Derby, Lancashire, England I142601 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Forshaw, Phebe  Jun 1910West Derby, Lancashire, England I144545 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Graves, Elizabeth  Dec 1905West Derby, Lancashire, England I147659 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 Graves, John Henry  Dec 1933West Derby, Lancashire, England I6288 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 Hammonds, George Frederic  Jun 1902West Derby, Lancashire, England I11618 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 Harms, Jacob Adam  Sep 1904West Derby, Lancashire, England I144209 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
17 Havard, Priscilla  Dec 1857West Derby, Lancashire, England I31121 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
18 Hesketh, Henry  Dec 1899West Derby, Lancashire, England I132189 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
19 Kerswell, Anthony James  Mar 1904West Derby, Lancashire, England I143562 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
20 Matthews, Maria Dorothea Elizabeth  Sep 1854West Derby, Lancashire, England I143617 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
21 Pierpoint, Charles  1899West Derby, Lancashire, England I133012 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
22 Pierpoint, Ezekiel  1897West Derby, Lancashire, England I133010 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
23 Quayle, Leonora  Mar 1879West Derby, Lancashire, England I143639 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
24 Rawson, Elizabeth  1855West Derby, Lancashire, England I132924 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
25 Redman, James Webster Tilsley  Dec 1905West Derby, Lancashire, England I144630 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
26 Reed, Isabella Morton  Jun 1913West Derby, Lancashire, England I5520 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
27 Rimmer, Dorothy  1889West Derby, Lancashire, England I8320 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
28 ROSCOE, Annie  Mar 1931West Derby, Lancashire, England I2095 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
29 Roscoe, Thomas  Mar 1886West Derby, Lancashire, England I141800 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
30 Roughley, Ann  Dec 1931West Derby, Lancashire, England I16763 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
31 Sanchez, Florentia  Mar 1899West Derby, Lancashire, England I9638 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
32 Sandison, James Gilbert  Dec 1919West Derby, Lancashire, England I145812 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
33 Silcock, Mary  27 Oct 1890West Derby, Lancashire, England I2224 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
34 Sixsmith, Mary Ellen  Sep 1852West Derby, Lancashire, England I8489 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
35 Sixsmith, Walter  Mar 1871West Derby, Lancashire, England I143561 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
36 SIXSMITH, William  Jun 1877West Derby, Lancashire, England I46 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
37 Sixsmith, William John  1867West Derby, Lancashire, England I5515 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
38 Treadway, Elizabeth Ann  1885West Derby, Lancashire, England I133046 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
39 Turner, Eliza  Jun 1909West Derby, Lancashire, England I137357 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
40 Winter, Charles  1865West Derby, Lancashire, England I2233 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
41 Wood, Nicholas George  Dec 1876West Derby, Lancashire, England I145757 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
42 Worrall, Ann Jane  Sep 1854West Derby, Lancashire, England I143614 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

1841 Census

Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   1841 Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 (Sixsmith), Elizabeth  & 1851West Derby, Lancashire, England I28124 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Sixsmith, Elizabeth  West Derby, Lancashire, England I28125 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Sixsmith, George  & 1851West Derby, Lancashire, England I28128 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Sixsmith, John  & 1851West Derby, Lancashire, England I28129 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Sixsmith, Sarah  West Derby, Lancashire, England I28127 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Sixsmith, Thomas  West Derby, Lancashire, England I8487 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Sixsmith, Thomas  & 1851West Derby, Lancashire, England I28123 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Sixsmith, William  & 1851West Derby, Lancashire, England I28126 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

1851 Census

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   1851 Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Atherton, Mary Louisa  & 1871West Derby, Lancashire, England I26312 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Atherton, Thomas Hey  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26311 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Atherton, William  & 1871West Derby, Lancashire, England I5579 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Atherton, William Goulborn  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26326 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Goulborn, Harriet  & 1871West Derby, Lancashire, England I5580 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Sixsmith, James  West Derby, Lancashire, England I28131 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Sixsmith, Mary Ellen  West Derby, Lancashire, England I28132 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

1871 Census

Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   1871 Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allert, Charlotte  West Derby, Lancashire, England I28284 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Allert, Elizabeth  West Derby, Lancashire, England I28646 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Allert, Martha  West Derby, Lancashire, England I28645 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Allert, William  West Derby, Lancashire, England I28286 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Allert, William  & 1881West Derby, Lancashire, England I8321 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Bird, Alexander Ferguson  West Derby, Lancashire, England I131362 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Bird, Jessie Hutton  West Derby, Lancashire, England I131361 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Bird, Lillian Ferguson  West Derby, Lancashire, England I131365 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 Bird, Mary Hutton  West Derby, Lancashire, England I131364 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 Bryan, James Philip  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26327 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 Bryan, Mary Louisa  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26328 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Griffin, Anne Hume  & 1881West Derby, Lancashire, England I26360 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Griffin, Ellen Hilton  & 1881West Derby, Lancashire, England I26361 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 Hume, Anna M  & 1881West Derby, Lancashire, England I26359 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 Hutton, Mary Graham  West Derby, Lancashire, England I131363 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 Rimmer, Dorothy  & 1881West Derby, Lancashire, England I8320 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

1881 Census

Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   1881 Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allert, Peter  West Derby, Lancashire, England I28290 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Atherton, Alice Curwen  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26333 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Atherton, Dora Elizabeth  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26335 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Atherton, James Percival  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26319 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Atherton, Mary Roberta  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26334 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Caldwell, Mary  West Derby, Lancashire, England I6146 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Curwen, Alice  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26318 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Hume, James H  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26363 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 Voce, John James  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26179 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
10 Voce, Mary  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26180 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 Voce, Robert  West Derby, Lancashire, England I6166 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Voce, Robert  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26181 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Voce, Thomas  West Derby, Lancashire, England I26178 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

1891 Census

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   1891 Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Mackay, Christina Fraser  West Derby, Lancashire, England I134877 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Mackay, David  West Derby, Lancashire, England I134876 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Mackay, Robert  West Derby, Lancashire, England I134878 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Mackay, Thomas  West Derby, Lancashire, England I134879 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Millar, Christina Walls  West Derby, Lancashire, England I134875 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

1901 Census

Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   1901 Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 Clarke, Catherine  West Derby, Lancashire, England I22696 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Pankhurst, Edwin John  West Derby, Lancashire, England I22700 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Pankhurst, James Francis  West Derby, Lancashire, England I22695 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Pankhurst, Olive Lavinia  West Derby, Lancashire, England I22698 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Pankhurst, Rosa  West Derby, Lancashire, England I22699 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Pankhurst, Walter  West Derby, Lancashire, England I22693 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 


Matches 1 to 50 of 52

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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Owen / Barton  Jun 1845West Derby, Lancashire, England F7860 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
2 Dealey / Worrall  Sep 1847West Derby, Lancashire, England F13493 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
3 Allert / Rothwell  1848West Derby, Lancashire, England F10795 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
4 Caldwell / Harrison  21 Nov 1848West Derby, Lancashire, England F1990 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
5 Hutton / Roscoe  Jun 1851West Derby, Lancashire, England F12809 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
6 Sandison / Jones  Dec 1856West Derby, Lancashire, England F14273 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
7 Brewster / Auden  Jun 1861West Derby, Lancashire, England F5732 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
8 Winters / Travis  Dec 1868West Derby, Lancashire, England F788 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
9 Ravenscroft / Arrowsmith  1869West Derby, Lancashire, England F18 Morgan/Bottomley Tree 
10 Harrison / Caldwell  1871West Derby, Lancashire, England F5876 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
11 Pye / Bromilow  1871West Derby, Lancashire, England F7861 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
12 Purkiss / Evans  Dec 1873West Derby, Lancashire, England F9549 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
13 Aspinall / Lewis  1874West Derby, Lancashire, England F5849 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
14 Blackhurst / Beesley  Mar 1877West Derby, Lancashire, England F3091 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
15 Wade / Hankin  Dec 1877West Derby, Lancashire, England F5215 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
16 Wardle / Anderson  1879West Derby, Lancashire, England F10300 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
17 Travis / ROSCOE  1879West Derby, Lancashire, England F751 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
18 Robinson / Sunderland  Mar 1880West Derby, Lancashire, England F12764 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
19 Lawrence / Travis  Jun 1880West Derby, Lancashire, England F9609 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
20 Irvine / Bathgate  Sep 1880West Derby, Lancashire, England F1984 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
21 Rawsthorne / ROSCOE  1883West Derby, Lancashire, England F752 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
22 Pierpoint / Lacy  Dec 1883West Derby, Lancashire, England F9830 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
23 Rimmer / Cave  Sep 1884West Derby, Lancashire, England F9713 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
24 Fleet / Cousland  Sep 1885West Derby, Lancashire, England F12755 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
25 Owen / Bromilow  1888West Derby, Lancashire, England F7859 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
26 Owens / Beesley  Jun 1891West Derby, Lancashire, England F3092 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
27 Royle / Bell  Jun 1891West Derby, Lancashire, England F7889 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
28 Jones / ROSCOE  Sep 1891West Derby, Lancashire, England F754 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
29 Lake / Williams  Dec 1892West Derby, Lancashire, England F9231 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
30 ROSCOE / Nicholls  1893West Derby, Lancashire, England F763 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
31 Graves / Summers  Dec 1893West Derby, Lancashire, England F15058 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
32 Slinn / Eccleshall  1894West Derby, Lancashire, England F9606 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
33 Tetley / Blundell  Sep 1895West Derby, Lancashire, England F5731 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
34 ROSCOE / Hewitson  Mar 1898West Derby, Lancashire, England F765 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
35 Roughley / Coy  Jun 1898West Derby, Lancashire, England F5268 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
36 Owen / Heyes  1899West Derby, Lancashire, England F7858 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
37 Hardman / Graham  Dec 1900West Derby, Lancashire, England F9820 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
38 Ledgard / TRAVIS  Dec 1906West Derby, Lancashire, England F12762 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
39 Pankhurst / McLaughlan  1909West Derby, Lancashire, England F7135 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
40 Bell / Cooper  24 May 1910West Derby, Lancashire, England F13415 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
41 Pierpoint / Farrington  Sep 1912West Derby, Lancashire, England F9829 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
42 Warburton / Newcomb  1920West Derby, Lancashire, England F10504 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
43 Boatwright / Thomas  Sep 1920West Derby, Lancashire, England F15591 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
44 Lake / Toal  Mar 1921West Derby, Lancashire, England F9230 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
45 Cheetham / Jones  1922West Derby, Lancashire, England F10553 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
46 Holburt / Kessie  Sep 1922West Derby, Lancashire, England F5221 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
47 Hacket / Holburt  Jun 1923West Derby, Lancashire, England F5218 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
48 Sandison / Smith  Dec 1923West Derby, Lancashire, England F16060 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
49 Sandison / Evans  Jun 1925West Derby, Lancashire, England F14275 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 
50 Kenny / Mcgaharan  Dec 1926West Derby, Lancashire, England F11188 Sandison/Roscoe Tree 

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